How divorce after 50 may affect retirement

Fact: 30% of divorced women over the age of 62 who are still single live at or below the poverty line, according to research by Susan Brown, a professor at Bowling Green State University who has chronicled “gray divorce” throughout the years.

If we were to compare that to married couples in the same age demographic, only 4% live at or under the poverty line.

I just did a piece for the Chicago Tribune and Janet Kidd Stewart on divorce and retirement benefits – and why I think collaborative divorce may be the single best decision divorcing couples over 50 can make. Aside from the fact that collaborative keeps your divorce civil, respectful and private, the process also works to address your immediate and long-term financial needs (including those retirement years).Continue Reading

Preparing to Negotiate a Divorce Property Settlement

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  Individuals going into a divorce property division negotiation rarely understand how just a few details can have a substantial financial affect on their future. You can avoid bad luck by having a strong grasp on the nuances of property division. The quickest and most efficient way to get this knowledge is to work with […]

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Accountants Provide Financial Peace of Mind

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           Divorcing couples struggle with the complex financial issues that come with their divorce. I find that most people who are going through a divorce are unaware of key bits of information that relate to their own financial situation. Failure to fully understand these details leads to major challenges in the divorce process […]

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Your Ex Can Read Your Cell Phone Records When You …

  Divorcing spouses with free cell phones in family businesses struggle with keeping cell phone records private. If this is you, eliminate the risk of snooping ex-spouses by moving your cell phone service to an individual plan. You may be sorely tempted to keep the business phone and save money, but about the emotional cost […]

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How much will this divorce cost?

I hear questions from people who come to me for divorce financial advice. No matter whether we are talking about College Station or Houston, the answer is always “it depends.” It depends upon which divorce process you choose. Do it yourself, litigation, mediation or collaborative. Even the do it yourself can be expensive if you […]

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